HRs are often frustrated by effort it takes to calculate Working Hours

We’ve been thru it we know how it feels.

No more spreasheet!

Spend less money on HR management.

Clock In/Out Attendance

Capture your employee's attendance with smartphone. No manual calculation required.

Leave Management

Manage your employee's with just a single click and everything is properly recorded. No more argument.

Admin Dashboard

Enable your HR admin to monitor everything in just one dashboard. No more files and papers.

Report & Analysis

Generate reports and monitor your employee's performance. No need special skills and efforts.

Administrative Application

Just few clicks to complete a complicated application process


Employee fills and submits while admin only approves it. The rest of process is recorded automatically.


Process from application to approval is now less than one minute. No more tedious application and communication.


Save your resources as everything is paperless now. Announcement can now effectively reach to every staff.

Trendy Experience

Experience advanced technology that enhance your daily works.

Choose a better way to manage worker.

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