Let's compare your traditional way with our method.
Works on weekend?

HR's salary (RM)
Total number of employees
Time Clock Machines
Optional: Insert your machine to estimate your costing
Cost (RM)
Machine Life Span (Yr)
Punch card paper's/PCs
Optional: Average cost per piece is RM 0.10
Time taken (mins/mth)
Time taken to calculate the whole process (per person in one month)
A. Number of employees
12 peoples
B. HR's work days per month
**workdays = 20 days per month 4 days extra for those worked on Saturday
20 days
C. HR's salary
1 - HR's salary divied with total minute in details section
RM 0.10 /min
D. Machine depreciation
**machine cost devided with machine life span in month
RM 4.67 /mth
E. Total cost on punch card paper
**card cost times with total employees using
RM 1.30 /mth
F. Total time spend on company payroll
**total time taken to read each employee card times with work days
715 min/mth
Traditional Cost*
*(FxC+D+E)x 12 month
RM 2222.44

Say no to traditional way, WERK HR manages your HR more cost effective and systematic.

Number of Employee


RM 30 /mth
1 Block = 5 Users = RM 10/mth
Number of Block


RM 345 /yr
Go for the annual plan for 5% discount

Choose a better way to manage worker.

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